Monday, 15 December 2014


This past weekend was such a blast! I hosted a Friends-Christmas-Dinner (aka Friendsmas!!) with my favourite people ever. Each year my friends and I go out to a fancy restaurant sometime in December to celebrate the holidays together, but this year I decided to host the dinner at my place instead. I wanted an excuse to decorate the house as all my other Christmassy events happen at my folks place. So I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning, cooking and putting up decorations.

I am super lucky to have been friends with this wonderful bunch for a very long time. They knew me when I was a chubby school girl with unruly hair and pink elastics in my braces. They stuck by me even though I sometimes ditched them to spend time with shitty boyfriends and they were there through the inevitable break ups (with chocolate and HJs in hand). They hung around while I travelled, lived overseas and interstate, sending me funny letters and emails and keeping me up to date with what was happening in their lives. This group includes an architect, a PR guru, a super star designer, a pilot, a bushman, a florist/chef/event planner extraordinaire, a languages expert and me…  we all have stupidly busy schedules these days, but they all make time for me. I don’t often gush about the great community of people I have in my life, but this group make up a big part of it and I’m so lucky to have them.

Ok enough soppy stuff… I decided to dress up for the occasion (of course!) and was very excited to wear my newly op shopped Alannah Hill skirt. I don’t buy a lot of beaded/sequined stuff because it's so hard to clean, I hate hand washing so I normally just avoid buying it completely, but this skirt so sparkly, pretty and cheap I just couldn’t leave it behind!

Skirt: Good Sammies Osborne Park, $6
Top: Op shop
Belt: Op shop
Necklace: Gift
Shoes: Gorman

P.S It was absolutely impossible to find a wind-sheltered spot for outfit photos on Saturday arvo, I literally got blown off my feet a couple of times!

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