Friday, 19 December 2014

Holidays HELL YEH

It’s my last day of work for 2014!! I’m so flipping excited for my Christmas break. I am really looking forward to having some time off but not going anywhere. Whenever I take annual leave I always feel like I need to go somewhere exciting, overseas, interstate, up north or down south, it is so rare to actually have time off work and to stay at home. I’m planning to do lots of baking, catch up on my sewing, head down to the beach, drink lots of coffee and hang out with my family, only 7.5 hours of work to get through before it all begins!

In honor of the last day of work I am wearing a very festive outfit. It's going to be stinking hot today, so I had to change my outfit plan at the last moment. This cotton shirt and skirt combo is hopefully going to be MUCH cooler then the original vintage polyester dress I had planned to wear. I have so many excellent vintage summer dresses, but unfortunately a lot of them are nylon/rayon/polyester of some description, so as soon as temps creep above 30 degrees they are really uncomfortable to wear.

I'm also wearing my little Christmas tree brooch which was a gift from my mum, I love this thing so I need to get as much wear out of it as I can in December! 

Skirt: Red Cross op shop $5
Top: On A Whim
Brooch: Gift
Shoes: Oppourtunity Knocks op shop $3

P.S Happy Birthday Aunty Maria! Can’t wait to see you in a few days! xx

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  1. I'm so jealous of your brooch!! I went shopping the other day solely to buy festive earrings but I couldn't find aaaaany! So sad, one of life's big problems ;)
    Anyway, love this midi skirt - even better that it was $5.
    Merry Christmas! Steph xx