Friday, 5 December 2014

All The Trimmings

Have I told you how much I love Christmas? Yes? Well I’ll tell you again… I LOVE CHRISTMAS! The start of my festive season is always the day we decorate the tree at mum and dads house. They have a ridiculous collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations which have been amassed over the years; handed down from family members, collected while travelling and given as gifts. Each year my brother and I get to buy one more bauble to add to the tree, it’s one of our many Christmas traditions and I always look forward to it.

As this is the first of my 12 Outfits of Christmas I had to wear something nice and festive, so red and white were definitely in order. The scarf in my hair didn’t last long though, it was quickly replaced with a Santa hat and some tinsel.

One of the many reasons I love December is that it’s finally acceptable for me to start wearing all of my novelty Christmas themed brooches (I have a few), this one is particularly gaudy and tacky, I love it! There is a little switch on the back and the wreath lights up!

Skirt: Vinnies Claremont $6
Top: Op Shop
Scarf: Op Shop
Shoes: Melissa
Brooch: Red Dot

First outfit of Christmas

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