Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Work Wear Quest

I’m still on my quest to build a better work wardrobe. I seem to be wearing lots of separates to the office, so more fantastic jackets are definitely needed (maybe… how many jackets does a girl need again?). Luckily for me there is a Vinnies that’s only a 5 minute drive from my work, which means I can easily fit in a sneaky lunch time op shop. During said lunch time op shop last week I found this magnificent vintage Rena Lange jacket. IT. IS. AMAZING.

I swear they don’t make clothes like this anymore, well at least not clothing I could ever afford to buy new. The fit of this jacket is impeccable and it’s lined with silk! SILK! I googled the brand and found that they are a German company that started as a lingerie design house in the 1920s and now their current season clothing sells for around $1000! So for $7, this jacket was a seriously good find!

I’ve been feeling very run down lately so I wore this outfit to work today and received many a compliment, suddenly I’m not so exhausted! Hooray for $7 jackets!

Jacket: Op Shop
Skirt: Op Shop
Flower Pin: Diva
Shoes: London Rebel

(definitely should have ironed this jacket properly before posing for photos and wearing it to work... oops!)


  1. It is a perfect fit for you! I love it. xx Jenelle

  2. OMG, Hannah that jacket is amazing! The fit is incredible Xx maddy