Thursday, 17 July 2014

Leather Jacket Love Affair

I’ve been longing for a black leather biker jacket for a looooong time but have never been able to bring myself to spend the money on a good one. Nice leather jackets are notoriously difficult to find in op shops (well at least for me!) so I knew if I wanted a good one I’d eventually have to bite the bullet and shell out some decent cash.

Luckily for me the stars aligned and I found this beautiful jacket on super-sale (70% off!) at Witner (yes they sell more than shoes!) AND to top it off I had a gift voucher to use, so I only ended up spending $30 of my own money. I’m so in love with it! This is exactly the type of outfit I always wanted to wear a leather jacket with… floral print, bright colours, conservative style, the addition of my fabulous jacket gives the whole look some ‘I just threw this on’ edge. (I definitely DID NOT just throw this outfit on, it took planning people!)

My light denim jacket is usually in very high rotation over winter, but I think this soft leather beauty may be taking the top spot for a while, I seriously want to wear it every day for ever and ever!

Jacket: Zoe Witner
Top: Op Shop
Skirt: Op Shop
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Earrings: Random shop in Bali


  1. That's pretty good. Congratulate you that you finally find the perfect a black leather biker jacket!

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