Friday, 18 July 2014

A Few Restyle Hints

It's two weeks until Restyle officially kicks off (woohoo!) so I thought I’d give you a few style prompt hints to help you on your way... Double Denim is out of my comfort zone, Neutrals is just plain uninspiring and Collar is right up my alley, here’s how I plan to tackle them…

Double Denim

A double denim outfit needs to look effortless, it’s all about easy ‘oh I just threw this on’ glamour. I love the idea of a denim dress with a denim shirt tied around the waist or slung over the shoulders. The most important thing to remember is to incorporate different shades of denim into your outfit unless you are going for the Canadian tuxedo look (no judgement),,20608633,00.html


Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! I’ll be channelling Meryl Streep, Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall for this prompt. Lots of layers, slight varying tones of cream, camel and stone and a fabulous hat to top it off.

  A collar can be worn in a million different ways, but my go-to look is inspired by my ultimate style icon… Cher Horowitz of course! A cute collared shirt layered with a light-weight sweater and a flippy mini skirt? Preppy perfection!

So those are my hot tips, good luck op shopping, just remember to challenge yourself to try different styles! Restyle is all about fun, so don't forget to do that too!

 P.S none of the images in this post are mine, so please click the on the image if you want to view the originals.

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