Friday, 11 July 2014

Life Recently

I’ve been doing so much stuff behind the scenes for my blog recently that I’ve forgotten to actually post things! I’ve got some cool things to post next week, so I’ll tide you over with what I’ve been up to lately…

Eating lots of roast vegies and warm winter food

Cooking carrot cake… twice in one week, it’s just so good!
Drinking lots of tea
Watching the World Cup! With a Dutch boyfriend and a German housemate things are getting a little intense in our house hold at the moment

Shopping at Red Cross stores, I’ve gone to every one in the metro area as part of my Restyle challenge

Buying the perfect black ankle boots, it took me ages to find some in my price range but I finally have and I’m never taking them off!

Wearing layers upon layers! It’s so bloody freezing at the moment, my vast collection of coats is really coming in handy
Reading nothing… dam I need to remedy that!
Browsing Claremont Quarter, I’ve got a $200 gift voucher and I want to spend it on something special

Dreaming of a tropical holiday… or a snowy holiday… any holiday would be good!

This weekend I’m wine tasting, beer drinking, ice hockey watching and volleyball playing… it’s going to be fun!! What are you up?

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