Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Restyle Photo-A-Day Style Prompts

The Restyle 2014 style prompts have been released! How exciting! Now is probably a good time to explain the Restyle challenge a little better, because everyone can (and should!) get involved.

For every day in August there is a different style prompt and you are encouraged to op shop and wear something that matches the prompt. For example on August 1st the style prompt is Glitter, so head to your local op shop and find something gorgeous and sparkly to wear on that day, then post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or leave me a comment below.

 The Restyle bloggers were given this list of style prompts a few weeks ago, so I have been madly op shopping and searching for pieces from Red Cross op shops that fulfil each prompt. Being a super enthusiastic op shopper, I have already ticked off most of the prompts and as you can see I am literally surrounded by clothes ( even more so than usual!). Red Cross op shops have SO MUCH awesome stuff, I've been spoilt for choice and can't wait to start sharing my finds with you.

Aside from blogging my outfits each day I’ll also be sharing them on Twitter and Instagram, so make sure you follow me @inthedressupbox and use #Restyle2014 to tag any of your own posts. You can interpret the style prompts any way you like, so find a way to make them suit your style (or challenge yourself to dress outside the box!). I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  PS Some of the prompts are a little tricky (ummm hello Cut Outs?!) so I'll share a few tips to tackle the more challenging ones in a few days

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