Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Why Are You Wearing That?

I like to dress a little differently, not completely crazy, but definitely 'out there' by some people's standards. As I've grown older I have started to gain the confidence to wear exactly what I feel like wearing on any given day, that being said I'm usually pretty good at dressing for the occasion and the company. The other night I met some girl friends for dinner at the pub and this is what I wore...

Before I left the house my boyfriend said I looked nice, but certainly didn't make any comment about me looking weird (he normally comments if I'm dressed particularly strange), so off I went to dinner. On the 200m walk from my house to the pub I had three people comment on my outfit, one man shouted at me and asked "why are you wearing that?", another man asked if I was Japanese (???) and some snickering kids ran passed and said I looked like Britney Spears. I honestly didn't think my outfit was that controversial!

When I got to the pub for dinner one of the waitresses told me she loved my dress and asked where I bought it (flea markets in Paris, yes I'm that ass hole). Another asked if I was in costume for something. Seriously? I think this outfit may be my most remarked upon, and I still don't really understand why.

But I guess it comes with the territory. If you want to dress differently to the high street crowd and not wear the latest trends care of Country Road and Sportsgirl I think you need to be prepared to cop a bit of flack (and also take a few compliments!). Regardless of all the comments this outfit received, I felt so great in it and looking at these pictures just makes me want to whip it out again and throw my hair up in Heidi braids. I think it's a great outfit and I felt a million dollars wearing it, so who cares about anything else?!

My dress was 10 euros from Paris, my shoes were $5 from the Melville Markets, the earrings were $1 from the Salvos, my belt was $3 from Vinnies, my hair flowers are from a street market in Prague and no I'm not Japanese, Britney Spears or in costume. 

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