Sunday, 1 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

It's December! Hooray! Normally I don't like to wish the days away, but I LOVE December and I've been counting down desperately for summer to finally hit and the festive season to properly begin. It also helps that I'm going away today! I'm jetting off on a family holiday for a week. I've been looking forward to this trip for a few months and I'm so happy to be spending some quality time with my most loved ones.

Normally my family is pretty good at waiting until the 1st of December to set up our Christmas tree, but as we are all leaving for the comfort of a 5 star resort today, Mum decided we should put the Christmas tree up early. So last weekend my brother and I went to my folks house for fruit mince pies, a bit of Bing and a lot of tinsel. 
I wore this vintage swim suit which I bought in the dead of winter and have been patiently waiting for the weather to heat up so I could wear it. It actually wasn't that hot last weekend but I wore it anyway and I loved it! I normally can't wear backless things because I HATE not wearing a bra (those stick on bras do not work for me), but this swim suit has a built in bra that actually works. It feels very daring to have my whole back on display, moles and all! (I kind of love it!).

One of our family traditions is for my brother and I to buy a new decoration for the tree each year. We've been doing it for as long as I can remember. This year I got a fuzzy penguin wearing a stripey scarf, my brother bought a cute Santa Clause bauble. Normally I make fun of his decoration choices, but this year he did alright (well done Simmo!).

My denim skirt is making an appearance on the blog again, I still love it so much and wear it all the time, although I think it's going to start getting too hot for knee length denim. My sandals are Melissa, my ring is from New York ($25 from memory) and my yellow belt is vintage (stolen from Mum). In the spirit of Christmas I also wore my little holly earrings and on this same day my Mum gave me a beautiful Christmas tree brooch which I can't wait to start wearing! 

Happy December 1! 

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