Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Candy Stripes and a Christmas Tree

My second Christmas outfit, hurrah! This one is particularly festive I think. I bought this top last week specifically because it reminded me of a candy cane. I love the shape of the collar as well as the print, I just can't go past a brightly coloured stripe. 

Due to the sticky weather and vast amounts of chocolate/candy canes/wine I seem to be consuming recently I have been favouring loosely fitted clothing. I'm not bothered by a tight waist, so long as my stomach isn't too confined. This skirt and the one I wore yesterday are great examples, the fitted waist gives my body a little definition, but the A-line skirt doesn't restrict anything else (so I don't feel like I'm popping out of my clothes after one too many fruit mince pies). 

My skirt was $5 from the Melville Markets and my top was $6 from Claremont Vinnies. My wedges are from Hobbs. I've been wearing wedges a lot lately, I actually quite like the extra height they give me. At 5 foot 10, I definitely don't need to be any taller, but there is something very satisfying about towering over people. Most of the time I don't really like that amazonian feeling and I've been quite enjoying it recently! 

Last but not least, LOOK AT MY BROOCH! It's so pretty! My mum has been wearing this brooch at Christmas time for as long as I can remember. When we were setting up the Christmas tree a few weeks ago she gave it to me. I am thrilled! It's so beautiful, not like my other novelty Christmas brooches, this one is beautifully made with little coloured stones in it. I want to wear it all year round!

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