Saturday, 28 December 2013

Home-Made Gifts Challenge

Earlier this year I made a few small goals for myself to achieve before 2014. Well 2014 is mighty close and I still have one thing on that list to complete. Oh dear! I guess that's what setting goals is for though, pushing yourself to try something different or do something a bit better. There is no point setting a goal that you can easily achieve, you need to give yourself a little challenge!

One of my four goals was to make at least half of my Christmas gifts. Ha Ha Ha. I think I was a bit too ambitious with that one. My weeks before Christmas were steadily filled with parties and gatherings and work and sport. I just didn't have enough time set aside to think of homemade gifts and then actually make them. That being said I did manage to make some things, so I'm giving myself a B on this goal. 

These images are probably the least glamorous on my blog so far. This is 'hanging around the house and making stuff' Hannah at her finest. Hair jammed in to a clip, no make-up (possibly no bra) and a cotton dress, that pretty much sums it up! 

A few days before Christmas I whipped up two aprons to give as gifts. I used some vintage fabric I've had sitting in my sewing pile for a few years and some yellow gingham I got on sale for $4. I didn't follow a pattern, I just made it up as I went along. I'm very happy with the outcome of my aprons, and my Mum and beautiful friend where both grateful for something hand made (I think!). 

I also made some brownies and blondies to give to my work mates as holiday treats. So that's 5 gifts out of about 15 that were hand made. Not a bad start! Next year I'm definitely going to have to start much earlier in the year if I want to actually achieve this goal!

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