Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Outfit Formula

I seem to have unknowingly developed a very definite outfit formula over the past few weeks. High waist-ed skirt, tie up top and a brooch. I've worn variations of this outfit countless times over the first month of summer and I think I will continue to do so until the cold weather kicks in. It's so effortless and comfortable!

The crop top trend has been around for awhile, and while I do appreciate it on people who have the stomach to pull it off, I do not and hence will not wear one. Wearing all these little tie tops is my variation of the crop top trend, I can have a small sliver of tummy on display, but if I get cold feet half through the day I can just tuck my top in, perfect! 

I have been on the hunt for a sleeveless denim shirt for a while (I even looked in non op-shop stores! gasp!) and was very happy to find this little DKNY number for $4 at my local Mosman Park op-shop. I chopped and sewed it in to a tie up top (it was a full length shirt) and have worn it so much, denim really does go with everything. 

My gigantic brooch was given to me by my Aunty Maria, it is actually a kilt pin and belonged to my great grandfather (it's from the 1890's!). The pin is a wreath of Scottish thistles with a large citrine stone in the centre, it looks very festive and is so special to me.

The floral print on this op-shopped skirt looks exactly like Poinsettia, so it's very apt for my Christmas outfit theme. My trusty black Hobbs wedges are still the most comfy shoes I own (I wish I had them in every colour of the rainbow!).

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