Friday, 20 December 2013

Moo-moos and Blue Birds

This dress is a moo-moo... there is no other way around it. I bought it about 5 years ago in Alice Springs for a couple of dollars. I couldn't go past the amazing bird print and I do love red and blue together, so this was a no brainer. A lot of the locals in Alice wear dresses like this, brightly coloured loose cotton is definitely the way to go when the temperature routinely creeps past 45 degrees.

I'm not such a fan of shapeless outfits (at least not for everyday). So every time I wear this dress I do the same thing to create a bit more shape. First I pin the front of it to my bra to make a more flattering neckline and then I use a belt to pull the excess fabric to the back and create a nice outline, plus it makes the gorgeous bird more visible. 

In keeping with my Christmas theme I wore red... that's a bit lame but I didn't want to wear a novelty brooch that might distract from my blue bird.

I'm also wearing my fantastic CapnMueller squid earrings, which kind of look like little Santa's from afar, so that's also festive right? (right!). My belt is vintage, op shopped a million years ago and my espadrilles are Country Road ones that I found on eBay for $20 after trawling the Internet looking for them. They are so comfy! They will definitely be on high rotation this summer. 

I mean seriously, moo-moo or no moo-moo, when you find a dress plastered with a giant blue bird in an op-shop, you find a way to make that baby work! 

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