Friday, 30 October 2015

The Go-To

This is my last post for Frocktober! Wearing a dress every day to work has been fun and a little more challenging than I anticipated! I have many many dresses in my wardrobe but actually not that many that are completely work appropriate. I’ve had to add cardigans, jackets, shirts and blazers to make sure I stuck to the office dress code and still kept my Frocktober pledge.

I’ll do a little wrap up next week, but for today you get a classic outfit. I bought this dress from Zara a few years ago and it has definitely become one of my go-to frocks when I want to look fabulous but aren’t sure what to wear. The fit is perfect, the style flatters my body shape in just the right way and I looooove the tropical print.

One of the reasons I wanted to wear this dress earlier in the week is because I’m actually giving it to my Aunt who lives in Indonesia to get it copied for me. I’m a bridesmaid at the end of the year and the bride-to-be has simply requested we wear a red dress, no other specifications have been made. So after a few months of searching through op shops for the perfect red dress (the wedding is in Bali so I want it to be sleeveless and cotton) I’ve given up and am simply going to get this exact dress made in a red fabric. I think it’s a very clever solution and am excited to have another version of my favourite frock even if it does mean I have to hand it over to a dressmaker for a few weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed following along for Frocktober! I had lots of fun but am SO excited to start wearing some of my skirts again which have been neglected for the past 4 weeks. Don’t forget you can still donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation!

Dress: Zara
Jacket: So old I can’t even remember where it’s from (possibly Myer?)
Brooch: Good Sammies Myaree, $6
Shoes: J Crew, eBay
Sunglasses: Karen Walker, eBay
Belt: Op Shop

P.S Don't you just love my brooch? I hit the vintage jewellery jackpot at Good Sammies the other day and had to drag myself away with only three pieces, when I could have easily filled my jewellery box. 

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