Monday, 26 October 2015

Spots and Stripes

While I’m really loving the Frocktober Challenge I’m finding that wearing a dress every day is just too easy. Don’t get me wrong, I love easy dressing, but recently I’ve really been enjoying the challenge of mixing and layering prints/patterns/accessories to create a unique look. Throwing on a dress and walking out the door is just too simple, I need a challenge! So here I am with another sneaky way to wear a frock while not exactly feeling like you are. Instead of layering a skirt over a dress like I did last week, I’ve layered a t-shirt over a dress! Ta da!

This outfit fits all the criteria… it’s a frock, it involves more than one item of clothing and it’s suuuuuper comfy. On Friday I really wanted to wear something casual to the office. I’d worn heels and fitted frocks all week and I just wanted something comfy and relaxed for the last day of the working week. Unfortunately my office doesn’t do casual Friday every Friday, so I still had to pull together an outfit that looked vaguely professional. I think I achieved just that with this monochrome look (black and white is always profesh right?).

I layered one of my favourite dresses with my trusty striped tee, pulled out my most comfortable sandals and added a red lip… ready to conquer the day (and then go home and demolish a glass of wine, because: Friday). What do you think? Do you love dresses because they are so easy to wear or do you enjoy the challenge of putting together a cool outfit from a bunch of separate pieces?

Dress: Op Shop
T-shirt: Op Shop
Shoes: Good Sammies Subiaco $6
Belt: Op Shop

P.S I finally found my Mac Russian Red lipstick! I’d lost it for ages and was starting to consider buying another, so I was super excited to find it waiting forlornly for me in the pocket of a hand bag I haven’t used for months. Hoorah!


  1. I've been wearing a different dress every work day and although it's an easy option once you get the right one, sometimes I just haven't felt like it - weather or mood - but I've pushed on regardless!

  2. I love the stripe/dots combo!!!

  3. Love the pattern mixing Hannah! Can't believe those are op-shop finds!

    Some days I love to put on a dress and not think on how to match it, and some days I feel adventurous and zany and will mix and clash things together. Depends on my mood and time available!

    Love the MAC Russian Red on look absolutely amazing!

    xoxo, JoAnn Goh