Monday, 12 October 2015

Take Two

So I promised I’d give you another way to style this basic black tube dress (there are endless ways!) and here it is… 

Wear it layered with a skirt of course! The other day I was just in a skirt mood, when I was pulling all my summer clothes out of storage I found this vintage beauty and suddenly it was all I could think about wearing. So layering it over a basic black dress was the perfect way to keep my Frocktober challenge and still get to wear the skirt. 

I really love the cut of this dress, so I’ve actually worn it as a top a few times already. As long as you vary up the accessories and skirts, people will never know you are re-wearing the same simple black dress over and over! It’s magic!

Dress: Salvos O’Connor $6
Skirt: Vintage shop, Berlin
Shoes: Salvos Fremantle $10
Necklace: Lovisa
Sunglasses: Pared Eyewear


  1. You would never know that was a dress underneath looks great! I love the pop of colour from your red heels :)

  2. Great combo - that stripy skirt is an absolute winner! I really like layering over dresses, it feels like you get so much more value from your wardrobe. Recently I have been wearing crop tops over dresses which allows me to buy cute crop tops without having to show off my tummy ~____^

    1. Thanks Lisa! I haven't tried layering crop tops, but that's a great idea, I'll definitely have to give it ago (tomorrow maybe!). xx