Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Life Recently

Ok so we are officially heading in to the festive season. Suddenly the Christmas decorations which have been on sale in Kmart, Myer, David Jones and Target for the past 6 weeks don’t feel ridiculous they feel appropriate, hoorah! I couldn’t be happier, I LOVE this time of year and I’ve had a wonderful October as well. There have been many celebrations this month with various friends getting engaged, getting married, buying houses and pets, including Luke and I (the house part not the pet unfortunately). There has been so much happening, but it’s all been so so fun! Here’s what I’ve been up to recently…

Eating avo and vegemite on toast. Every. Single. Morning.
Drinking far too much champagne, with engagements, hens nights, bridal showers and an actual wedding, I think I’ve drunk my body weight (and then some) in bubbles this month!
Cooking BBQs baby! Tis the season and all
Watching the IT Crowd, it’s my current go-to show when I need a giggle. Moss and Roy get me every time
Buying DIY supplies, we should be moving into our new home ANY DAY NOW, so I’m getting crafty with home decorations!
Wearing all my favourite frocks, I’ve been doing the Frocktober challenge and wearing a dress every day this month!
Reading trashy mags, I need to get back into a book series because I’m spending way too much money on NW and OK. Any recommendations?
Avoiding dwelling on my operation, one day left of having a scar-free neck, EEK!
Browsing Pinterest for DIY Christmas gift ideas, less than two months to go and I’m determined to get on top of things ASAP
Needing a de-tox, October has been a seriously boozy month!

Personally I’ve been gearing myself up for my big thyroid operation, which is happening tomorrow. I’ve only been in hospital once before and that was to have my wisdom teeth out, so I’m slightly anxious about it but I’m also confident it will all be OK. My surgeon assures me that I’m strong and healthy and fighting fit, so recovering isn’t going to be an issue and the surgery is very straight forward. I should only be in hospital for one night and then I’ll be back home where my boyfriend can wait on me hand and foot (I’m quite excited about that bit haha). I have a few blog posts scheduled for next week, but after that I’ll just have to play it by ear. I’m going to have a big scar on my neck so I don’t know how I’m going to feel about outfit shoots. But we’ll see, god knows I love bragging about my op shop finds so I probably won’t stay away for too long! Thanks for all your well wishes and kind words, it’s truly amazing!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you will be back to running around op shops in no time! <3

  2. Avocado and vegemite is the best combination!
    Looks like it had been a great month! I love this time of year - there's just something in the air that makes is such a happy time! ��
    Best of luck for tomorrow!!

    Lauren xx

    1. Oh and as for book recommendations - I just finished reading "The forgotten garden" by Katr Morton and it was a great read!

    2. ohh thanks Lauren! I'll have to look it up! xx

  3. Good luck for tommorow. Take care. My latest read is 'The Anti-Cool Girl' by Rosie Waterland. Look forward to reading more of your posts. At the moment I am working my way through your archives. Cheers Sandra

    1. Thanks Sandra! I love trawling through the archives of my favourite bloggers, so I'm very chuffed to hear that someone is taking the time to go through mine! xx

  4. Good luck with your operation and take care of yourself XX

    As for books, I would recommend, "Questions of Travel", " A Suitable Boy" and "Wild Swans"

    1. Thanks Gab :) Operation went well and I'm now recovering happily at home, I've been totally spoilt by my family and friends too which certainly doesn't hurt! xx