Monday, 2 November 2015

Frocktober Wrap

I know I say this every month but… I can’t believe it’s November! This year is going stupidly fast! I wanted to do a little wrap up of my Frocktober. You might remember that I pledged to wear a different dress to work every day for the whole month of October (or Frocktober). And I succeeded! Huzzah! I wasn’t organised enough to take photos of every dress, but I promise you I didn’t cheat! Here’s a quick wrap up of my outfits from the past month…

I think my favourite looks were the first day and the very last day! I’ve had that green and pink vintage dress for years and I still love it so much. The tropical print Zara frock is one of my absolute favourites, so much so I'm getting it re-made in another fabric. Which was your favourite look of the month?

Did you follow along with Frocktober? Some of my favourite bloggers did, including the Illusive Femme and Willow Curves, make sure you check out their blogs and don’t forget to donate donate donate! This month was more than just pretty frocks, it’s about raising awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. They do such important work which has an immense impact on the lives of all women (and the people who love women, so everyone!). Thanks for following along!

Click on each photo and you’ll go to the corresponding blog post.

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