Monday, 15 June 2015

Tall Company

I have some super tall friends, which suits me perfectly because it gives me an excellent excuse to give my highest platforms an outing every now and again. Usually I get around in converse on the weekend, but a breakfast date with some of my 6 foot beauties called for a bit of extra height. Enter my magnificent Marni platforms. I snapped these up for a steal on eBay and despite having a six inch heel they are honestly one of my comfiest pairs of shoes.

This silver mini bag was an impulse purchase while I was queueing up at Good Sammies. It was $1 so I thought what the hell... turns out it's awesome!! It's the perfect size for my phone and a lipstick and not much else. A great alternative to lugging around my giant leather tote with 5 pairs of sunglasses, 3 sets of keys and about 35 lipsticks/glosses. 

You might have noticed in my last few posts that I've been wearing a fitbit. It's part of a work initiative where we have to walk 10,000 steps a day for 4 months. As much as I hate wearing the black band, I am really enjoying the challenge. I haven't found it too hard to walk the required steps every day, it just involves being a little more mindful of how active I am. I've found that as long as I go for a walk on my lunch break or after work, I am able to hit my daily target easily. 

Top: Claremont Vinnies $6
Jeans: Acne, Claremont Vinnies $7
Shoes: Marni, eBay
Bag: Good Sammies Freo $1
Hat: Glebe Markets
Sunnies: Ray Ban 


  1. That hat is so cute

  2. Those platforms are ace! As a shortie, I am all about the comfortable heel!

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