Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I braved the coldest morning of the year to take these outfit snaps, so naturally I had to layer up with every piece of clothing imaginable. I call this look homeless-chic or ode to Derelicte... but seriously I do look a bit like a Game of Thrones extra with my giant faux fur stole. It kept me warm and cosy while the mercury dipped perilously close to freezing on Tuesday morning though, so I ain't complaining!

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to pre-plan my work outfits for the week ahead. At the start of each week I check out the weather forecast and then write down what I'll wear on each day according to the temperature and what's in my diary. It's been pretty good so far and I haven't changed my mind too many times. It makes waking up and getting dressed each morning SO easy, because I've already decided, washed, ironed and laid out every thing I need to put on that day. A bit OCD maybe, but I'm enjoying it! 

Do you like my new bucket bag? I was very excited to find this lovely metallic leather one in the new Anglicare op shop in Fremantle. It fits a surprising amount of stuff and is very easy to cart around. You should check out the newly refurbished Anglicare store on High Street, they have done a really great job with the layout and merchandising, they even have special sections dedicated to vintage and designer gear, well worth a trip to Freo!

Skirt: Salvos O'Connor $6
Top: Op Shop
Jacket: Good Sammies Freo $7
Bag: Anglicare Freo $7
Shoes: Chloe, via eBay
Stockings: Leona Edmiston 
Fur: Asos 
Sunglasses: Pared Eyeware

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