Friday, 26 June 2015

Life Recently

The end of this month totally snuck up on me! I was lying in bed yesterday morning telling myself that I had to get up to take outfit photos because I had nothing to share on the blog on today, when I realised I was due for a Life Recently post (and a lazy instagram collage). HUZZAH! I bought myself an extra 30 minutes of sleep! 

Since moving away from Freo I’ve been making a detour via my beloved colourful walls and snapping outfit pics on my way to work. This means I generally end up shooting my office outfits because the alternative is getting changed in my car on the side of the road. I have done that a couple of times (don’t say I’m not committed to this blog!) but when the temperature drops to 3 degrees I’m not so keen to get half naked in some alley in Fremantle, hence lots of work outfits. So now you know what I have to go through to get these outfit pictures! 

Eating pasta and soup and potatoes and bread, I think I’m going into hibernation mode!
Drinking mulled wine (courtesy of Luke who has a killer recipe)
Cooking scones, purely so I have an excuse to eat jam and cream
Watching Silicon Valley, perfect to tune out to at the end of a long day
Buying this hilarious crab hat to wear for a volleyball competition in August… don’t ask
Wearing ALL OF THE LAYERS, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it enough but it’s freezing in Perth at the moment
Reading blogs, my life has been so busy recently that I’ve fallen behind with all my favourites
Avoiding looking at my bank balance (I think I say this every month) one day I’ll be financially responsible, today is not that day. 
Browsing eBay for more Melissa shoes… I don’t need any more but I really really want them!
Dreaming of my snowy vacay, only 16 working days left until Luke and I jet off to New Zealand for two weeks!!

One big thing that actually happened at the end of last month but I didn’t get a chance to tell you about is…. We got a puppy! Well, my parents got a puppy, but seeing as Luke and I are living with them at the moment I’m going to claim her as my own. Her name is Olive and she is a 1 year old blue heeler cross who we got from the Shenton Park Dog Refuge. She is the most adorable thing! Our beautiful old dog Ivy died at the end of April and our family has been seriously doggy deprived so Olive is getting a very warm welcome in our home. We don’t know Olive’s back story or how she came to be in the refuge, she is very timid and nervous, particularly around men. We have had her for a month now and she is coming out of her shell more and more each day. We love her so much already.

Have a happy weekend!

All pictures from my insta (@inthedressupbox)

1 - snapping outfit pics on a chilly morning
2 - making and eating scones is my favourite thing
3 - brand new Bottega Veneta heels, best op shop find EVER
4 - I need to stop buying costume jewellery
5 - successful Salvos haul
6 - poked myself in the eye at volleyball training, it was bung for a whole day!
7 - OLIVE!
8 - beautiful autumn colours at UWA 

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