Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Round Tummy

I almost didn’t share these pictures, but decided at the last moment (i.e at 6am this morning) that I was being silly. So why was I hesitant to share them? Well, because my tummy is sticking out. My new vintage Burberry skirt, which I absolutely died over when I found it in Vinnies, accentuates all my curves, the nice ones and the not so nice. If it was any bigger then it wouldn’t sit on my waist and I wouldn’t have bought it. I love this skirt, and my rounded tummy is probably thanks to the left over pasta I had for breakfast about 20 minutes before taking these pictures.

Why am I even pointing out my rounded tum? I could have just ignored it and you (my lovely readers) probably wouldn’t have even noticed. I suppose I wanted to draw attention to the fact that I bloody love this skirt, it makes me feel great and I wanted to wear it. Almost every women’s magazine and style blog have articles and posts talking about ‘dressing for your body’ or ‘how to make the most of your shape’ etc. They direct you towards all black or a-line skirts or fitted tops or hour glass dresses, all of which are great and that advice is very helpful (I’m sure I’ve dished it out before as well). But sometimes you just have to wear what you love, regardless of what your body shape is.

I must remember to take my own advice, I have a number of gorgeous 60’s mini dresses hanging in my closet that I rarely take out because I’m never quite sure about showing that much leg. What’s the point of having gorgeous stuff hanging in your wardrobe if it never gets to see the light of day? No point at all! Bring out the legs I say!

Skirt: Burberry, Claremont Vinnies $8
Top: Op Shop
Jacket: Op Shop
Shoes: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood via eBay


  1. Such a great outfit Hannah and I couldn't agree with you more... yes sometimes (probably the majority of the time really) I do subscribe to the "dress for your body shape" thing, but if you find something you love that doesn't fit that criteria - why not just embrace it?
    It's the same for me with pencil skirts. I love the look of them but never wear them because I have a thing about my bowed legs... I might just have to rethink that though and give them a try again!
    The skirt looks fab on you and I love the bright red jacket too :)

    Lauren xx

  2. Great outfit and what a fab find!! Wear it with pride, you look fantastic.

  3. Congratulations on your Kidspot nomination babe! So proud of you!! xx Jenelle