Friday, 6 February 2015

Street Style Steal

Welcome to another addition to my Street Style series! I’m recreating this image today:

I’ve seen this picture floating around the internet for a while, it’s so simple and effortless but also incredibly chic. I was drawn to it not for the excellent midi skirt or the cute yellow bike, but because of the girl’s New Balance trainers. The trend of wearing sports shoes with non-sporty clothes has been around for a while now, but it’s not one I have ever got on board with. This girl looks awesome but I have always worried I’d feel like Jerry Seinfeld marching around in a pair of gleaming white runners. All that being said when I picked up an almost identical pleated black skirt at the Save the Children sale the other day I knew it was time to road test this look.

(I'm clearly not as talented a photographer as the clever snapper of the original image!)

Comfort wise it doesn’t get much better than an elasticated skirt, a loose white t and sneakers. Style wise I’m not quite sold. I love the simplicity of a great skirt worn with an easy top, but I’m just itching to swap the sneakers for sandals or boots or even my converse. That being said I’m not wearing brand new New Balance kicks like the original street style snap, but rather my two year old gym shoes which have had their fair share of use (at least they are a pretty colour!). I’m not sure, what do you think? Do you wear sports shoes with dresses and skirts?

Skirt: Save the Children Myaree $5
Top: Salvos O'Connor $3
Bag: Red Cross Esperance $2
Shoes: Nike
Jewellery: Assorted gifts
Sunglasses: Ray Ban