Friday, 20 February 2015

Oh So Trendy

On December 31st I bought the most amazing brown vintage leather jacket. As soon as I got it home and added my own faux fur trim to it I decided that my whole winter wardrobe was going to revolve around this jacket and it’s sweet 70s vibes. So I started collecting images for some winter style inspiration. Thinking that my late 60s, early 70s look was going to be totally unique and ahead of the crowd and not like anyone else. Turns out I was wrong and the 70s are THE TREND for 2015. This seems to happen to me all the time, I think my style references are completely individual (well as individual as borrowing from another decade can be) and then suddenly I see the same style-inspo images splashed all over the blog-world and realise I’m not the only one who had this idea. Dam. 

Regardless, I’m still sticking with my 70s vibe for this winter. I’ve collected a few bits and pieces which will be perfect for the look, including a corduroy A-line skirt, some silky blouses, a black turtle neck skivvy and an excellent leopard print jacket. Now I just need to find some flares in an op shop… I think this will be an impossible task but I am up for the challenge.


All pictures from Pinterest

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