Wednesday, 18 February 2015

One Month

Hey guess what?! It’s just over a month since I started my Buy Nothing New challenge! I’m pleased to say that I haven’t cracked yet. A few times I’ve found myself mindlessly trawling ASOS and filling up my shopping cart only to realise half an hour later that I’m not actually allowed to buy anything. But on the whole it hasn’t been too hard. I have bought a few things from op shops, including this excellent sleeveless jacket, but I’m quite enjoying shopping my own wardrobe and wearing some of my favourites a little more regularly than normal.  

This white jacket is pretty awesome though, it’s perfect for summer as I’m meant to be wearing a jacket to work every day, so I can totally just wear this sleeveless one and no one can get mad at me… well that’s my argument anyway!

 By now you have probably realised that I wear A LOT of black and white to work. It’s just so easy and as much as I love all of the colours, being able to mix and match black and white printed pieces is a really simple way to build a stylish capsule work wardrobe.

Dress: Op Shop
Jacket: Salvos Mt Hawthorne $7
Brooch: Vintage
Sunglasses: Pared
Shoes: RSPCA Op Shop $5


  1. Hey Hannah, I love the sleaveless jaket and the brooch - they are both very cool :)

    I want to try this challenge, especially with books!

    1. Thanks Gabrielle! You should totally try this challenge! I'm actually not finding it too hard at all. I find so much great stuff in op shops that I'm not really tempted to hit the 'normal' shops any way. xx H