Monday, 16 February 2015

Holiday Dreaming

I just booked my first holiday for the year and I’m a little bit excited, it’s always good to have something nice to look forward to while you are slugging away in a windowless office. We are just going to go to Bali for a few days, the standard Perthite’s (Perthians?) holiday, but it will be brilliant. Of course the first thing I do once booking a holiday is start thinking about what kind of outfits I’ll need to take with me. I found this amazing cotton top at Claremont Vinnies and I knew straight away it would be perfect for my tropical holiday.

This is a seriously cool top, it’s like the blouse-version of a full circle skirt. So billowy and flouncy, I love it! I could hide the biggest pasta belly under here and you’d never even know! (I could also hide a real baby, but you know, a pasta one is so much more likely!).

Paired with new DIYed denim shorts, some lace up sandals and a faux turban, I’m certain this whole look will be making it into my suitcase come April.

Top: Claremont Vinnies $6
Shorts: Fremantle Good Sammies $5
Shoes: Oppourtunity Knocks $3
Scarf: Op Shop
Bangles: Op Shop
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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