Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lady Date

Don’t you love it that you can dress a little wilder then usual when going out on a lady date? I generally wear whatever I feel like anyway, but when heading out for dinner and/or drinks with my girlfriends I always feel like I have a little more free reign. Girls just get ‘it’. They know my billowing black culottes are excellent not insane. They know my giant gold earrings are amazing not crazy. They might not want to wear what I wear but they understand why I do.

I wore this to catch up with my lovely cousin, we drank wine and ate our body weight in seafood. It was perfect.

Culottes: Claremont Vinnies $9
Top: Myaree Vinnies $6
Belt: Op shop
Brooches: Op shop
Earrings: Lovisa
Shoes: Guess


  1. Eeee I've got a lady date tonight (we call it 'flossy dinner') and am so out of practice in dressing for fabulous rather than practical I'm actually a bit nervous! Might crack out the culottes.

    1. hehehe Flossy Dinner is such a cute idea!! I love it! I hope you whipped out the culottes, although I can hardly imagine you not looking fabulous, so I'm sure what ever you wore was just perfect! x H