Thursday, 27 November 2014

Street Style Every Day

Over the last few months I've been re-assessing my blog and thinking of ways to give it a little more direction and structure. I have a few ideas in the pipe line, but this one was actually suggested by my clever boyfriend, who doesn’t care at all about fashion but is so thoughtful and kind that he helped me brain storm blog ideas any way.

If you are at all like me (and you probably are if you are reading my blog!) then the highlight of the various fashion weeks (New York, London, Paris, Milan) is not the actual runway shows but the side walk shows. You know what I’m talking about… Street Style! I am far more excited to see what the glamorous attendees of the shows are wearing then what actually comes down the catwalk. Street style is a massive inspiration to me, but most of the time the clothes/accessories involved are worth more than my car and are totally unattainable. They are also often INSANE. Insane in a fabulous way of course, but never the less, insane for every day wear. So every now and then I’m going to choose a recent street style look and re-create it to suit my budget, my body shape and my real life (i.e playing scrabble at the pub, NOT attending a couture show in Paris).

There will be no real rhyme or reason to these posts because I’m not organised enough to have a regular blog feature, but every so often I’ll share a street style look I’ve managed to recreate. These are a few examples of the street style looks I LOVE and want to steal...

I’ve got a few Street Style looks in the works already so come back tomorrow to see my first effort!


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