Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Gift from a Friend

I’ve been wanting to share this dress on the blog for a while. I’ve worn it to work so many times, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to actually photograph it. But here she is…

One of my lovely colleagues wore this spotty dress to work a few months ago, I ranted and raved the whole day about how much I looooved what she was wearing. The next day she walked in to the office with a plastic bag and gave it to me saying that I clearly liked the dress more than she did so I should have it. I was thrilled and must remember to exclaim more about my friends pretty dresses in hope I might inherit them too!

But seriously, you can’t go wrong with a perfectly fitted spotty dress for the office. It’s the ultimate work outfit. Obviously I had to wear it with more spots, because one spotted item is never enough!

Thanks for the dress Lauren, I love it!

Dress: Gift*
Belt: Op Shop
Jacket: Op Shop*
Necklace: Random boutique
Shoes: Asos*

*Part of my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe

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