Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Travel Buddy

I don't know about you, but I get SO EXCITED about planning my travel wardrobe. I do love a challenge and putting together the perfect capsule collection of clothes to take away on a trip really pushes my buttons. I'm currently in Melbourne for a little work and a little shopping (and A LOT of eating). This is what I wore on the plane over from Perth...

It's only a three hour flight so dressing for comfort wasn't as imperative as it is on a 15 hour haul to the US, but never the less I still wanted to be comfy and stylish while gliding to Victoria. This look ticks all the boxes of my travel outfit checklist. It's stretchy and has a pattern (for when I inevitably spill something on my self), I've got a scarf to use as a blanket/pillow if need be. Socks for warm toes and comfortable shoes, a hands free bag and a hat to hide dirty plane hair (another inevitability!). 

I pretty much only ever wear this dress when I'm travelling. It's so perfect for curling up on a plane/train/car seat and trying to get a comfortable as possible. The longer length is great for warmth on a plane and allows me to be as un-lady-like as I want without fear of flashing people. Plus stripes. Stripes are always a winner! 

So there you have it, another one of my trusty travel outfits, can you spot any similarities to this one? (hint: stripes, scarf, socks, bag.. it's the same formula!). What's your go-to travel outfit? 

Dress: Op Shop
Scarf: Op Shop
Hat: Op Shop
Bag: Op Shop
Jacket: Wittner
Shoes: Report
Socks: Target

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