Tuesday, 30 September 2014

TPFF and Flannel

If you have been following me on the blog, facebook or Instagram, or have come within a 10 meter radius of me in the last 3 months you may have heard me rabbiting on about the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. TPFF was last week and included a huge calendar of events, parties and shows, including the Restyle Runway. This was my first experience with the ‘fashion world’ of Perth, and it was eye-opening to say the least!

I was lucky enough to be given tickets to attend the Flannel show at Fashion Paramount on Thursday night. This was my first time attending a fashion parade so I wasn’t sure what to expect (although was pleasantly surprised with all the free-flowing champagne!). The show it’s self was fantastic, I was seated in the third row so I had a great view of the run way and also the ‘front row’ so I could eye off all the street style of the other attendees. The styling of the Flannel show was gorgeous, big hair, dark lips and lots of loose kaftan-esk 70s style pieces. There was crochet, sequins and fringing thrown in for good measure and lots of luxurious looking silk and cotton fabrics. I just loved the whole bohemian vibe of the collection and will definitely be drawing on it for my own style inspiration over the warmer months.

As this was my first real runway show I decided to leave my camera at home and just soak up the whole experience. I’m so glad I did, but luckily for me (and you!) there was a myriad of Perth bloggers out and about during TPFF snapping away at all of the shows, so check out Le Fanciulle, Inspiring Wit, Little Miss Mon Bon and Modern Girls In Vintage Pearls to see their runway pics and hear their individual thoughts on some of the shows.

All images in this post are from Alf Sorbello via Perth Now

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