Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Seasonal Switch

Oh my goodness summer is definitely on its way! I know I talk about the weather a lot on the blog, but it’s the main factor I consider when getting dressed, so it’s pretty pertinent! I wore this outfit on Sunday to play lawn bowls and drink cider. It had been cloudy all morning so I was anticipating rain and wind. How wrong I was. I had to ditch the jacket and hike up my dress almost as soon as we arrived. It turns out maxi dresses and platform wedges aren’t the best attire for serious lawn bowling. Who knew? Haha.

I did a massive wardrobe clean out on Saturday and swapped over some of my winter clothes for summer clothes. I love doing this switch twice a year, I always discover things I forgot I owned, like this dress! As much as it may seem like I am always wearing a new outfit, SO much of my wardrobe gets repeated year after year. I buy bits and pieces throughout the year, but the majority of my clothes I’ve owned for many seasons and love re-interpreting them. I’ve worn this dress on the blog before but decided to add some more accessories this time around, what do you think?

Dress: Op Shop
Jacket: H&M
Hat: Op Shop
Shoes: Hobbs
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana 

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