Monday, 20 October 2014

30 Pieces in 30 Days

Hi friends! I saw something on Instagram last week challenging people ‘shop what you’ve got’ and create a capsule collection of 30 pieces from your existing wardrobe (including shoes, but not accessories). The idea is that for the month of November you only wear those 30 items. I’ve heard about this kind of thing before and have always wanted to try it. I’m a terrible consumer and LOVE buying new things consistently, so forcing myself to live off a small wardrobe and re-wear outfits more regularly will be a challenge, but I'm going to dive right in and give it a go, you should too! 

I’m actually going on holiday for the last week of November (hooray!) so I’ve decided to start the challenge a little earlier. From the 19th of October until the 18th of November I’ll only be wearing things from my capsule wardrobe of 30 pieces. Want to know what’s making up my wardrobe for the next month?

Five pairs of shoes, five dresses, six tops, six skirts and four jackets… and that’s it! I know that's only 26 things, but I'm going to allow myself four wild cards that I can add throughout the month (because I make my own rules. ha!)  

Everything can be mixed and matched and worn for both work and play, so I should manage the whole month with just these items. I’ll be sharing my journey on the blog (duh) but probably not every single outfit, so tune in to my instagram (@inthedressupbox) to see how I get on each day. If you follow the hashtag #shopwhatyougot you can see all the other people doing the challenge too! 

This is what I planned to wear yesterday (the first day of my challenge) but the weather was so awful I spent the day in my PJs watching Clueless and Grease. I'll definitely have to re-wear it sometime in the next month.

Dress: Op Shop
Vest: Op Shop
Wedges: Seed
Earrings: Lovisa
Scarf: Op shop

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