Friday, 3 October 2014


What do you collect as a travel souvenir? My mum collects fridge magnets and I have a friend who buys novelty socks where ever she goes. I used to collect shot glasses (mainly because I thought it was cool) but these days whenever or wherever I'm travelling I collect vintage. 

This vest is a souvenir from my favourite city in the world, San Francisco. My parents lived there just after they were married and my grandparents have a house in Tiburon with views of the whole bay, including both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bridge. It is also home to the best vintage shops I have ever come across (I’m sure that plays a big reason as to why it’s always top of my list of cities).

I bought this fringed, furry vest for $5 at a vintage store in Haight Ashbury, the coolest corner of the coolest city in the world. It may be a totally ridiculous, utterly inappropriate piece of clothing to own, but every time I wear it I’m reminded of my various trips to this awesome city, so I’ll never part with it. It’s my little piece of SF in Perth. 

Now excuse me while I go and stare at flights to California on Webjet for a while…

Vest: Vintage
Dress: Op Shop
Boots: Report
Socks: Target

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  1. The coat is elegant and gorgeous on you! It must be very comfortable to wear such a coat, right?