Monday, 15 September 2014

Birthday Lady

I turned 27 the other day. CRAZY. My 12 months as a 26 year old really sped by, I swear each year is getting faster and faster! I share my outfits and op shopping adventures on the blog, but there is a lot of stuff that happens in my life that doesn’t make it on here (with good reason, some is very dull, want to hear about the organisational structures workshop I attended the other day? Probs not). So here is my year in a nutshell, including the bits and pieces that didn’t make it on here in the first place… 

I went to Bali (twice) and Brisbane, spent a week camping in Esperance, another week camping on Rotto and a few other random weekends in a swag down south
Signed some paper work and bought a unit (off-the-plan, it won’t be ready until Feb)
Had a mini break down, quit my sweet beach side job and started a new corporate one
Helped my parents move out of our family home
Said good bye to my bitchy but beautiful 19 year old kitty Lily
Played lots of volleyball
Suffered my first (and hopefully last!) sports injury
Bought too many pairs of designer sunglasses
Chopped my long hair off

So it’s been a fun if not particularly notable year. I have lots to look forward to as a 27 year old, I've got many dreams to work towards and for the first time in my life an action plan to make sure it happens! 

This is one of my birthday outfits. I wore this to a birthday/fathers day dinner with my family and I think it may be my MOST FAVOURITE DRESS EVER. Spots, pleats, circle skirt, 100% cotton… it’s got everything and for less than $10, just how I like it.  

Dress: Op Shop
Belt: Op Shop
Bracelets: Op Shop
Clutch: Op Shop
Boots: Wittner


  1. The year goes by quick doesn't it? I've just been realising that it won't be that long (well, less than 6 months) until I turn 27 either. You got so much done though - like the holidays? Jealous! Loving the polka dot dress by the way x

    1. Thanks so much Jamie-Lee! Turning 27 wasn't so bad, I had a bit of a break down when I turned 26, god knows why though, I'm pretty lucky with my life :) xx H

  2. Happy belated birthday! How amazing are polka dot dresses... I'm not sure I ever feel as amazing as when I'm in a full skirted polka dot concoction. I love this look! I can picture it with flats, boots, even converse! Oooh imagine a red belt, too. Sooo many possibilities ;)

    Re: your accomplishments this year - first thing, your hair looks amazing that length, good choice! Second thing, I don't trust myself with designer sunnies... have you ever just sat on a pair? haha! It's like WHOOPS, there goes $400...
    I'm sorry about Lily & the other hard things this year, but from your list it looks like 26 was fab :)

    Steph xx

    1. Thanks Steph! Black and white polka dots can literally be worn with anything! I have a red patent belt that would work perfectly with it too hehe.

      Thanks for the feedback on my hair, I still can't decide whether I should grow it out or not. I've become a bit obsessed with designer sunnies this year, I've bought way too many pairs. I haven't sat or destroyed any of them yet (touch wood!) I think the trick is to just put them back in their case when you're not wearing them ;) xxH

  3. Happy Birthday, darling!
    Love almost whole outfit! Adore your hair/makeup and this amazing dress with such a contrast clutch! But shoes are like so heavy for this outfit

    ☀︎ ☀︎ ☀︎
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    1. Thank you!! I do love this dress and plan to wear it with many combinations of belts/shoes/accessories. I just can't get enough of these boots at the moment and want to wear them with everything! hehe! x H