Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Op Shop Addict

You’d think that after my Restyle op-shop binge I wouldn’t want to step into another one for ages. Right? Wrong! Last weekend I had a whole day to myself so I of course I had to check out my local Salvos. I’m trying to be well behaved with what I buy, so I only took home three things, all of which will be excellent additions to my summer wardrobe.

This vintage circle skirt is sooooo pretty. I do love a full circle skirt, and if you were following the blog last summer you’ll know that my go-to look for warmer temps is a pretty skirt and a little tie up cotton top. I wore that look in a million different combos and I’m excited to do it again this Summer.

I wore this outfit to celebrate my gorgeous cousin Evan’s engagement to the lovely Sarah. We had a picnic in Kings Park, so I felt this was a very appropriate picnic in the park kind of outfit. I even got to use the awesome vintage picnic basket my boyfriend bought for my birthday. This t-shirt is another one I bought for Restyle, it so versatile! Unfortunately it seems that every time I put it on I scrape my face against the neck line and leave a trail of makeup behind. I have to wash it continuously, so annoying!

Skirt – Salvos in O’Connor $6
T-Shirt – Red Cross in Willagee $6
Sandals – Salvos in O’Connor $10
Hat – Vinnies in Myaree $4
Belt - Op Shop
Necklace - Lovisa

I have a question for you my lovely readers… during Restyle when I listed the pieces in my outfit at the end of each blog post I included the price and the op shop I bought them from. It’s not something I usually do, but I was wondering if it was something you found interesting and/or helpful? I obviously can’t always remember the exact price and location of everything I’ve ever bought, but would you like me to continue to include that information when I can remember it? Just a question, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

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