Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Office Dressing

I haven’t really shared any of my work outfits on the blog for a while, which is a shame because they have been pretty great (if I do say so myself!). I’ve really taken to the challenge of dressing appropriately professional for work but still retaining my own style. I’ve been trying to avoid wearing all black outfits, which is a super easy trap to fall in to. A black and whit printed piece worn with a bright colour seems to be my default formula right now.

While I’ve been perusing the op shops I’ve been keeping an eye out for bright corporate gear, particularly jackets and pencil skirts. This pink blazer is one I picked up during Restyle and I wear it ALL THE TIME. It gets at least 2 or 3 wears per week and is easily my most worn item of clothing at the moment. 

I picked up these blue boots from Target about two weeks ago. I’ve been wanting electric blue boots all winter but never really got around the buying any, so when I saw these on sale for $18, I snapped them up. Unfortunately you really do get what you pay for and after three wears these boots are splitting at the seams and the ‘suede’ is rubbing off on the toe and heel. As strange as it may sound, electric blue boots are actually very versatile in my wardrobe, so I’m on the hunt for another pair that will actually last (I’ll probably have to invest more then $18).

Jacket - Op Shop
Knit Top - op Shop
Skirt- Op Shop
Boots - Target
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Coffee - Chalkies (best coffee in Freo!)

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