Thursday, 25 February 2016

Life Recently

Goodness gracious it’s the end of February and the end of Summer! My start to the year has been super busy and I have to apologise because my blogging has seriously fallen by the way side. I love blogging, but over the past few months it has felt really hard and as I’ve always dreaded, it turned into a bit of a chore rather than a fun hobby. I’m working hard to get back into some kind of routine where outfit shoots just happen naturally, but with starting a new job and having several jam packed weekends in a row, I just haven’t been able to get into a groove. It’s definitely something I’m working on! Thanks for hanging in there!

Here’s what I have been up to this month… 

Eating far too much ice cream for my own good
Drinking water! February has been SO hot in Perth, I’ve been taking a bottle with me everywhere I go
Wearing my gold birks, definitely one of my best purchases in 2015 
Buying a brown felt hat and a red fur collar… not only are they the first purchases I’ve made with my new job’s pay cheque, but they are the first non-second hand items I’ve bought in over a year!! Crazy!
Lusting after some Acne Pistol boots, they’ve been on my lust list for yonks and I’m nearly ready to shell out and invest in a pair…nearly. 
Watching Fargo, it’s pretty gripping and has definitely sucked me in.
Reading Harry Potter… for the zillionth time. It’s my annual new year tradition!
Playing so much volleyball, at this time of year the beach and indoor seasons cross over and I am doing double training, which basically means I’m exhausted and sore all the time.  
Dreaming of being able to wear my new faux fur coat… I do love coat season! 

So March is going to be a fun one, I’m starting to settle in to my new job and feel a bit more grounded in my everyday life. Our house is feeling more and more homely, as I continue to find bits and pieces to decorate it. Our garden is a disaster though, I’ve spent a fortune on plants and have managed to kill every single one of them, including some succulents… which I swear aren’t meant to die. Clearly I don't have a green thumb! So my Autumn project is to get our tiny yard organised and looking pretty. It can’t be that hard right?? (famous last words!)


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