Monday, 8 February 2016

Every Day Style

So I've recently discovered the #EveryDayStyle hashtag on insta thanks to my friend Em, who has ambitiously challenged herself to take a picture of her outfit every single day (go you!). The hashtag is a bit of a community of women who share their every day outfits (obvious right?!). I love trawling through it to see what every one is wearing and picking up a bit of outfit inspo for myself. As much as I love reading personal style blogs and using them for inspiration, I often find myself wondering whether the blogger ever actually wears that outfit in real life. Like I'm sure they might if they get invited to continuous cocktail-attire events, or multiple black tie functions, but do they really wear that outfit (with those sky scraper stilettos) on a random Tuesday? Maybe, but I certainly don't! Annnnnnnyyyy way, long story short, this year I want my blog to be realistic. A true reflection of outfits I've actually worn, not ones I would wear if only I was invited to a <insert very specific dress code> event. So this is what I wore to the beach on Friday morning...

Ground breaking huh?! My last official day of holidays before starting my new job (which is today! EEK!). I spent the morning snorkeling and then having breakfast with one of my best friends. It was truly bliss! 

Shorts: Op Shop
Top: Salvos O'Connor, $2.25
Bikini: Good Sammies Freo $4
Hat: Salvos Bibra Lake, $4
Bag: Salvos Fremantle $1
Shoes: Birkenstock, eBay
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

P.S sorry about the fuzzy photos... another aspect of being a 'realistic' blogger... sometimes I don't get the settings on my camera quite right. Oops! 


  1. I definitely prefer heavy doses of reality in my everyday style shots, I'm so with you on that!

  2. Agree wit Beth! these are gorgeous pics of you too Hannah! Don't forget to come and link up on my #stalkherstyle Friday's xx

  3. Oh my gosh, the photos! The fashion! Your look! I'm obsessed.
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  4. Love the lace coverup, it's really cute and perfect with the denim shorts :)

    I love the everydaystyle hashtag too, I always get more inspiration from real life outfits than from outfits that are just put together to take a picture in!

    Away From The Blue Blog

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