Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Op Shop Ball

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the Anglicare Op Shop Ball at the Crowne. IT WAS AWESOME! I mean, wearing op shopped duds and sipping champagne is basically my nirvana, plus I was accompanied by my excellent boyfriend and some great friends who were all looking particularly amazing in their op shopped outfits. I knew from looking at the photo galleries of past Op Shop balls, that the guests tend to go a bit crazy and head down the ‘ugly op shop’ route. But that wasn’t the vibe I wanted, I have too many gorgeous formal outfits all sourced from op shops to want to waste a rare black tie occasion wearing a dodgy taffeta nightmare.

So I went all out (are you surprised?!) and wore this massive vintage silk ball gown I bought a few years ago. I’ve only worn it one other time and it is so fabulous it deserves more outings. I added a newly op shopped choker and some sparkly shoes to finish off the look. I couldn’t convince him to pose for any blog photos, but Luke looked amazing as well, wearing a red velvet suit jacket which matched my dress perfectly.

It was such a fun night raising awareness for all the excellent work Anglicare does. It was also a brilliant reminder that buying from op shops is not only a super fun and sustainable way to shop, but it’s also contributing to our community. Whether you shop at Anglicare, Salvos, Good Sammies, Vinnies or the Red Cross they all support incredibly worthwhile programs and projects. When I’m trawling through my local op shop more often than not I forget where my money is going and focus purely on whatever bargain I’m scoring. It’s nice to remember that my hard earned cash isn’t going into the pockets of some multinational corporation, but back into my neighbourhood where it is needed most.

Dress: Anglicare Fremantle $40
Shoes: Opportunity Knocks $6
Choker: Anglicare Morley $6


  1. OMG I would LOVE to go to an op shop ball. I have this champagne and blush ball gown with a brocade bodice and full skirt that deserves another outing!

    1. It was such a fun night Beth! Your ball gown sounds amazing, it's such a shame that Black Tie events are so few and far between!