Friday, 20 March 2015

Street Style Steal

Happy Friday! Here’s another Street Style Steal for you! One thing I have definitely noticed while trawling through Pinterest looking for images to recreate is that the really ‘cool’ girls are all playing with proportions and layering up. My tried and true look always involves a defined waist. Whether it’s a dress, skirt, pants or shorts I almost always have my waist cinched in and if I don’t I’m more than likely wandering around with my hands on my hips trying to create that hourglass shape. I guess being a tall girl with big legs and hips and boobs I’ve always felt that wearing anything too baggy will just leave me looking pregnant or like a potato sack. But stealing these Street Style looks is all about pushing myself a little and trying out the ‘crazy’ looks of Fashion Week attendees. So today I’m recreating this image;

Skinny jeans and an over sized denim shirt. It’s a lot of look but this girl has very sensibly paired it with basic accessories and natural hair/make up which is exactly what I did too. Just like my previous Street Style Steal, this outfit is SUPER comfy, my shirt is a mens XXXL and could almost be worn as a dress and these jeans are from last winter and feel like leggings. Style wise it's pretty out there for me, but I think it works. This isn’t the kind of outfit I’m going to wear out with my boyfriend, but for weekend drinks with some similarly stylish ladies it’ll do just fine.

So what do you think? Is this a look you are going to be trying? I have to admit, while it’s definitely a stretch I do rather like it, I feel like the cool girl in the original picture, so let’s chalk this one up to a win.

Shirt: Vinnies O’Connor $5
Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: Tory Burch
Clutch: Op Shop
Purse: Oroton

P.S Ignore my awful roots, I'm getting my hair re-blonded on Saturday I promise!


  1. I'm like you; I feel I need some waist definition or I just look like a blob or a box. I'm not sure I'd go for this trend but you're making it work!

    1. Thanks Beth, still not entirely sure about this look. I did wear it out for some drinks with friends, but I'm not sure if I'll repeat it! haha!