Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Life Recently

Why hello there! It’s the end of March already, cue my usual comment about how fast this month has gone by. March has been a bit hectic, I’ve been struggling through my 9-5 at work, playing volleyball a bit too much and trying to squeeze in photo shoots whenever I have a moment (which is getting increasingly harder as the summer light fades). I’m going to Bali next week and I am SO looking forward to a break. I’ve been trying to squeeze too much in recently and things are starting to reach their tipping point. It will be really nice to just get away for a while and have some rest and relaxation forced on to me.

Recently I’ve been…

Eating almond butter, banana and honey on toast. It’s a new favourite and I can’t get enough!
Drinking tea and almond milk (I seem to be on an almond kick at the moment)
Cooking this pistachio and pomegranate cake. IT. IS. AMAZING. Do yourself a favour and make it immediately
Watching Dazed and Confused, I had never seen it until a few weeks ago, now I’ve watched it so many times I could quote every line! Serious style inspo as well
Buying shoes… I went on an eBay shoe binge and now I never need to buy shoes again
Wearing my new Miu Miu sunglasses every day, I’m a bit obsessed
Reading Marie Claire, mum got me a subscription for Christmas but I’ve been so absorbed in reading books that I’ve only just opened them, I’ve got 3 months worth to get through!
Avoiding packing… I think I wrote that last month as well. We move out in 2 weeks so I reeeeeally need to get on it.
Browsing op shops for large clip on earrings that I can use as shoe clips for my, now vast, collection of pointy toed pumps
Dreaming of my trip to Bali next week! Only 9 days to go, I cannot wait!

I’m nervous about how I’m going to go in Bali with my Buy Nothing New pledge. Holiday shopping is my favourite and Seminyak has some awesome shops, it’s going to be very hard to resist. I think I’m going to allow myself one new purchase, but it has to be locally made, I think that’s OK right?

PS what do you think of my #Flatlay attempts? I went to a course a few weeks ago run by the delightful Claire Mueller and Emma Bergmeier-Varian who gave me an excellent lesson in the art of flat laying. Practice makes perfect, so expect to see a few more of them on my insta @inthedressupbox


  1. The look great, I too am trying to lift my flatlay game!

    1. Thank you! I think they just take a bit of practice, I also keep referring to @Capnmueller's flatlays on instagram, she is SO good at them, so her insta is perfect for some flatlay inspiration! x

  2. I love your flatlays! I've never done one, but now I want to try ^____^ In regards to your almond kick, have you ever tried making chia pudding with almond milk? It's delicious and you can make it extra milky and it's kinda like a bubble tea!

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I love chia pudding! Will have to give it a go x