Friday, 13 March 2015

Boyfriend Jeans

I was going to make this outfit one of my Street Style Steals, but it actually isn’t based off any particular picture (although it’s very similar!). It’s funny how since starting this particular feature I’ve found I’m taking inspiration more and more from street style images. My style ebbs and flows naturally and changes fairly regularly (just like everyone). Last summer all I wore was full circle skirts and little sleeveless tops tied at the waist, a very vintage 50s vibe. This summer just past I’ve hardly worn that kind of outfit, leaning towards a more modern look with lots of pattern mixing and denim. I’ve been moving away from that perfectly styled vintage look (which I could never quite perfect anyway) and am mixing my vintage, thrifted and modern clothes in a bit more of a unique way, well I’m trying to any way!

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans to add to my autumn wardrobe, so I went out looking for the perfect pair to DIY. It didn’t take long, op shops are full of jeans in all shapes, sizes and styles. Boyfriend jeans have never been my usual style, but after seeing so many pictures plastered over Pinterest I really wanted to try them, and I so glad I did! 

This look is made up of basic pieces pretty much everyone has in their wardrobes, a white t-shirt, comfy jeans and some black heels. When putting together outfits I normally to steer away from anything too plain and basic, I always want my outfit to be super bright or patterned or sparkly or ‘out there’ in some way. But really, classics are classics for a reason, you can mix and match them in a zillion different ways and they always look stylish. I guess I need to remember that it’s ok not to be wearing the loudest outfit in the room all the time!

Jeans: Save the Children Myaree $4
T-Shirt: Salvos O'Connor $3
Shoes: Guess
Hat: Glebe Markets
Sunglasses: Miu Miu (via eBay)
Brooch: Op Shop

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