Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Street Style Stolen

I’m back with another street style look! Did you see my last street style interpretation? The idea is to take a fabulous image of some fabulous lady swanning around New York or Paris or Stockholm and then restyle the look using only op shopped pieces and other things from my own wardrobe. I have a whole bunch of images I’m excited to recreate, but unfortunately most of them are winter looks, and with the weather hovering in the mid 30s at the moment I am NOT keen to layer up for the sake of fashion. So I searched Pinterest for some ‘Summer Street Style looks’ and came up with image after image of gorgeous women in denim shorts. It seems that distressed denim shorts are a stylistas must have summer piece. So the challenge was on to recreate one of the endless street style images.

all above images from Pinterest

I love my denim shorts, I have a pair which I wear a lot throughout summer, but they aren’t something I wear to be stylish. I throw them on over my bathers and add a t-shirt for a day of running around. I don’t really feel like I have the legs to wear them as part of an actual ‘outfit’ … if you know what I mean?

I didn’t want to distress my existing denim shorts so I went out and bought another pair of jeans to make new pair. I lucked upon these old high waisted Levis, which really do make the best cut offs. Distressing them was harder then I imagined, but I’m really pleased with the end result and actually think these shorts are rather flattering… or at least as flattering as they could get.

I wore this outfit out on a date and was a little uncomfortable the whole time. The short shorts and heels is a bit of a stretch for me. Maybe I’d like it better if I swapped the heels for flat sandals or boots? I do love this billowy silk shirt though and wearing it with denim and some simple gold accessories feels very luxurious. How do you wear your denim shorts?

Shorts: Good Sammies Fremantle $4 (DIY)
Shirt: Equipment, Save the Children Mosman Park $20
Hat: Op shop
Bangle: Op shop
Shoes: Guess


  1. You look amazing Hannah! I love this series that you have going on x

  2. Great series . . . I always drool over the polished Pinterest posing but it's just as fab to see a local "keeping it real" version, particularly with op-shopped goods! Your street-style totally belongs amongst the Pinterest ladies at the top of the post.

    1. Oh wow thank you so much Beth, that is really kind! The Pinterest ladies are always so polished and perfectly coiffed, I don't know if I'll ever achieve that level of grooming! xH

  3. I feel like everytime summer comes around I forget how to dress. Like, what am I meant to wear without cardigans and tights and gloves and scarves? I do like this series, but I don't know if I'd wear my denim shorts "out" though. They're mainly used for when I go skating! ^___^

    1. hahaha yes I know what you mean. I love summer for a million reasons but I much prefer dressing in winter, there are just so many more things you can play with! Wearing short shorts 'out' was a big challenge for me and I'm definitely going to swap the heels for flats or boots next time :) x H