Thursday, 8 January 2015

NOT my Summer Uniform

The term ‘summer uniform’ rubs me the wrong way. It reminds me of itchy tartan skirts from school and sweaty polyester shirts from all my teenage jobs. All that being said, I can’t deny that during my three week summer break I basically wore the same thing every day... like a uniform, but not.

I have been living in my chambray shirt dress and espadrilles, I have literally worn this exact outfit at least once a day for three weeks. I love wearing new and different outfits all the time, but with the weather in the high 30s (and sometimes cracking the 40s), I just can’t work up the same enthusiasm for my wardrobe that I usually do.

So loose, light and comfy will have to do… just don’t call it my uniform!

Dress: Coles (I know I know, but it was only $11!)
Shoes: Target
Bag: Red Cross Esperance $2
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Hat: Eumundi Markets in QLD


  1. I know what you mean! The words "Summer" and "Uniform" just don't belong together!
    Love the colour of this dress - it looks great on you!

    Lauren xx

  2. You total babe! Gah! Loving the wavy hair and hat combo on you.
    We need a catch up!! Actually, I have been practicing more with my camera, I should come down to Freo and do a shoot with you one afternoon.
    xx Jenelle

    1. ohh you are too sweet :) Would love a catch up and a photo shoot (I'm still useless with my camera though!), will email you soon xx

  3. I actually liked my summer school uniform, it was a dress in cotton print (blue check) with a band at the back and the usual buttons but it was super comfortable and surprisingly flattering; I'm considering getting Mum (who still has the original pattern 20 years later) to make me one in a less scholarly fabric!