Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hello 2015!! I took a mini blog hiatus for the first few days of January, to be honest this is the first time I have opened my laptop since last year (hehe). I hope your first week of 2015 has been excellent and you woke up on January first without too much of a head ache (I can’t promise I did!).

I’m really excited to share my new year’s eve outfit. I went to a jungle themed party with a bunch of my friends and I wanted to have an appropriately themed outfit. I assumed (correctly) that everyone else would be decked out in variations of animal print, so I went down a different path and dressed as Jungle Jill! I have an excellent safari hat that I picked up during my Restyle challenge last year, so I started searching for a 70s safari suit to match. Unfortunately safari suits are hard to come by and all the ones I found online were suuuuuuper expensive. Luckily enough I found this khaki green mechanics jumpsuit at the Salvos in Freo a few weeks ago, it only took a few minor alterations and I managed to turn it in to a passable jungle outfit. I added a bling-y necklace and strappy heels too (it was new years eve after all!).

My outfit was a hit and was so much more comfortable than a little bandage dress (still clearly the go-to party outfit of those in their 20s). I really love this jump suit and am keen to style it in a few different ways and see if I can get away with wearing it as a non-costume outfit.

What did you wear for new years eve?

Jumpsuit: Fremantle Salvos $8
Shoes: Osborne Park Salvos $8
Hat: Red Cross Scarborough $6
Necklace: Melville Markets $5 (it’s Chanel!!)
Rings: Assorted op shops
Belt: Gift
Bag: Target

PS I got my make up done for the event at the Body Shop, it looked gorgeous in real life but something about the false lashes I was wearing made it impossible for me to take a normal picture of my face, I look surprised in almost every image I took!

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  1. I completely love this look entirely! No more wearing it for dress up's lady, this is a bonafide everyday look!
    xx Jenelle