Monday, 12 January 2015

Scoring Goals

Way back in November I set myself a few goals to achieve before the end of 2014. And guess what? I actually achieved them all!

Goal number 1: Start and stick to a skin care regime
Read about my skin care revelation here (I’m happy to report that I’m still keeping it up!)

Goal number 2: Buy some herbs and keep them alive
This is the goal I was most dubious about, I’ve had terrible luck with plants in the past (i.e I’ve forgotten about them and they died). But I hate shelling out $4 every time I need some basil, so growing a little herb garden has been on my agenda for a while. I bought some coriander, mint and basil plants from Bunnings, potted them, watered them and waited for them to die. But they didn’t! They are still growing! The mint in particular has gone berserk, I’m very impressed with myself. (The above picture isn't the best example of them as I had just pillaged the mint for dinner the night before). 

(sneak peak of an outfit I'll share later in the week!)

Goal number 3: Learn a new hair style and wear it
I didn’t so much as ‘learn’ a new hair style, I just kind of altered something I was already doing. Over summer I like to put my hair up and have it off my neck. My favourite style is doing Heidi braids, so I used the same idea but instead of pinning two braids on top of my head I pinned them along the nape of my neck instead. It’s super easy to do and looks a bit prim and proper. Goal achieved!

Goal number 4: Enjoy my house and neighbourhood more
Goal number four was definitely my favourite. I am truly spoilt to live in the centre of Fremantle, with only a 50m walk to the beach, views of the ocean and harbour from my  balcony and the best coffee only minutes away. Since November I’ve made a concerted effort to go for more beach swims, go on longer walks, try different bars/cafes/restaurants and just soak up how lucky I am to live where I do. It’s been great and I will continue to love every moment I have left of inner Freo living.

I'm pretty pleased I managed to complete all of my goals! Hopefully it's a good omen and means 2015 will be super productive and awesome for me. Fingers crossed! Did you set any goals or resolutions?

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