Friday, 6 June 2014

A Last Minute Black Tie Look

The worst thing ever happened… I lost my camera remote (slightly over dramatic, I know). I usually take 50-70 photos in order to get 5 that look nice, which sounds time consuming, but with a little camera remote it’s actually really easy. I was very keen to blog about this outfit so I attempted to use the self-timer button on my camera to capture these photos, but I gave up after 4 pics, because it’s seriously such a pain in the butt! So I do apologise for the questionable quality of these pictures. I have ordered another remote online so hopefully it doesn’t take too long to arrive.

I went to a black tie event last weekend. It was a rather fabulous function held at the Crowne Casino and I was very much looking forward to getting all dressed up. Unusually for me, I didn’t have an outfit planned and intended to just see how I felt when getting dressed. This is a questionable method particularly when concerning a black tie event, but I think the look I pulled together was actually pretty great. It just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need a brand new dress for every fancy function you’re invited to. I really enjoyed the challenge of putting together a black tie look using the existing bits and pieces hanging in my wardrobe.  

Top: Vintage hand painted bustier, Melville Markets
Skirt: Op Shop (I hemmed the lining to show the pattern of the lace)
Shoes: Gorman
Bag: Target
Necklace: Collette

I went and got my make up done specially for this event, which is not normally something I do. I’m quite good at doing my own makeup, but I needed to restock my Body Shop bronzer anyway, so I decided to get them to do my face as well. I went to the Body Shop store in Garden City, it cost $40 for the makeup appointment which was fully redeemable in product. The lady who did my makeup, Jess, was SO lovely. The whole appointment took about 45 minutes and it was really nice being pampered with all of the beautiful Body Shop products. I will definitely be going back whenever I have another special event*

*I don’t have any affiliation with the Body Shop, I just really love their products!

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