Monday, 16 June 2014


There’s a very fine line to toe between dressing like an individual, not looking like a weirdo or a trend whore, and still looking visually appealing and interesting to the majority of people. I never want to look like I’ve fallen from the pages of a magazine or alternatively tumbled out of a charity bin, but it’s a hard balance to perfect. Sometimes I get it woefully wrong, but I do my best to mostly get it right. 

According to the blogosphere, Pinterest, Instagram and assorted glossy magazines, pastel colours are the go for winter. This suits me perfectly because I’ve always been a lover of baby colours and my new ASOS coat fits the bill nicely… a bit too nicely! I never set out to try every trend, but sometimes they just fall in my lap and I can’t help but love them. This pastel plaid coat is one of those times. I loved this coat when I first saw it pop up on Nicole Warne, and I jumped on ASOS immediately to snap it up.

I really like this outfit, I’ve worn the exact same thing twice already. All ice creamy pastel goodness and not a spec of black in sight, perfect! I’ve been adding this little collection of vintage brooches to almost everything I’m wearing at the moment, there’s something about the sparkle factor that I just can’t resist. I think they look particularly great against the plaid.

There is nothing worse I could think of then looking like a Sportsgirl mannequin, so by wearing a vintage dress, op shopped accessories and clashing prints, I’m trying my very best to avoid looking too on-trend. Does that make sense? Do you try to ‘un-trend’ your outfits to avoid looking like anyone else?

Coat: ASOS*
Dress: Op Shop
Brooches: Assorted, Op Shop
Boots: Report, Nasty Gal
Socks: Target 

*Jacket number 8

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